Stop the Stress in Schools : Mental Health strategies teachers can use to build a kinder gentler classroom

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This timely book explores the stress experienced in our schools and shows teachers how to reduce the atmosphere of tension and pressure in their classrooms. It emphasizes the power teachers have in building a positive environment, through kindness and stress reduction.

Stop the Stress in Schools introduces mental health strategies that lead to a pro-social classroom environment, one that supports student well-being, security, kindness, motivation and ability to learn effectively. It argues that conflict does not involve large isolated incidents but small daily frustrations that can lead to a dysfunctional classroom climate. The book provides teachers with explicit ways to build healthy relationships and tools for handling little problems every day to create classrooms where positive, supportive interactions replace negative ones, such as bullying.

Instead of targeting the symptoms of stress, this book focuses on social-emotional traits, such as awareness, acceptance, and ability to manage stress, that are instrumental in helping children experience stress and navigate through it.

Committed to generating kinder, gentler classrooms, Stop the Stress in Schools features calming strategies that include slowing the pace, positive engagement and interaction, considering the perspective of the student, and celebrating the process instead of the product. A comprehensive approach to reducing stress for teachers and students, the book includes practical examples, activities, and samples of student work.

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