Teaching Well

Teaching Well

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How healthy empowered teachers leas to thriving successful classrooms

How can teachers balance the needs of busy, sometimes overwhelming classrooms with the needs of their own health and well-being? This remarkable book shows how embracing a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial for teachers, but for students, classrooms and schools.

Teaching Well explores how to avoid burning out while creating an effective learning community in your classroom. You will find the inspiration you need to make the changes that will lead to a healthier work-life balance. This practical book helps you:

  • embrace change, and go from surviving to thriving
  • appreciate the importance of your own wellness – conquer stress and create magic in your classroom
  • reap the benefits of collaboration with strategies for working with partners and mentors to meet the needs of students
  • transform the way you look at learning and focus on the essentials that are most important to students
  • optimise your time with useful management techniques to use both inside and outside the classroom.

This highly readable book will give you the courage and knowledge you need to make wellness a pillar in your life so you can be the motivated and engaged teacher your students need.

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