The Reading Activity Handbook

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Key words: literacy reading
Sheena Cameron


Purposeful reading responses to enrich literacy programmes at all levels of primary and intermediate. Over 100 engaging reading response activities designed to be used independently by students during literacy sessions. Research tells us that ‘the power of instruction that takes place away from the teacher must rival the power of the instruction that takes place with the teacher. (M Ford, M Opitz ‘The Reading Teacher’, May 2002) The responses in this book will benefit students by: *providing opportunities for student choice, which increases student motivation and engagement *deepening levels of comprehension by requiring students to return to the text for different purposes *enabling students to make personal connections with literature *developing independence and positive sefl-image as a reader. Activities are grouped under the following chapter headings: 1. locating and organising information 2. focusing on words 3. exporting characters, setting and plot 4. creating visual responses 5. engaging in writing 6. organising for talk Plus 19 photocopy masters to support students’ learning.

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