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The School Wellness Wheel

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Keywords : Jason Cummins, Brian Farragher, Crystal Green-Braswell, Alondra Velasco Ledezma

wellness, trauma, mastery


A Framework Addressing Trauma, Culture, and Mastery to Raise Student Achievement

Trauma and stress among students are high. To effectively address the cognitive, social and emotional repercussions of these experiences, schools need a structure for building expertise in trauma and responsiveness among teachers. In The school wellness wheel: A framework addressing trauma, culture, and mastery to raise student achievement, authors Mike Ruyle, Libby Child and Nancy Dome provide a framework that enables F–12 educators to address student trauma and promote healing and resilience. Teachers and administrators can create a simultaneously safe, supportive and academically rigorous environment by incorporating into their educational practices and procedures the three points on which the school wellness wheel pivots – (1) mastery-based learning, (2) trauma-responsive schooling, and (3) culturally responsive teaching.

With this book, readers will:

  • discover how mastery-based learning is closely aligned with trauma-responsive schooling and culturally responsive teaching
  • learn how to embody instructional, mindful and ethical leadership
  • acquire five steps for implementing the school wellness wheel through either a holistic perspective or a High Reliability Schools™ perspective
  • gain advice from educators who have upheld healing and resilience in their schools
  • use proficiency scales to assess their school’s ability to create cultures of ownership, mastery, learning, connection, empowerment and humanity.
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