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The Wraparound Guide

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How to Gather Student Voice, Build Community Partnerships, & Cultivate Hope

In The wraparound guide: How to gather student voice, build community partnerships, and cultivate hope, authors Leigh Colburn and Linda Beggs provide a practical, replicable and actionable resource for establishing school-based wraparound services built on the power of student voice and sustainable community partnerships. They share a whole child approach to developing and deploying a dedicated centre that supports students’ academic and social-emotional needs. Through this book, F–12 educators receive the knowledge and tested processes necessary to break through the diverse and complicated barriers to learning that students face, unlocking their true potential.

Readers will:

  • recognise the impact of inside and outside influences on students and their learning
  • develop processes to gather student voice and identify the source of learning barriers
  • establish priorities and identify community resources to support wraparound efforts
  • locate funding and forge community partnerships to target wraparound programming to students’ needs
  • establish a centre for wraparound services and connect students and families with the supports they need to maximise learning.
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