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Tilting Your Teaching

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7 simple shifts that can substantially improve student learning

Here’s the book for every teacher who feels this close to excellence in the classroom. What if you could keep doing what you’re doing … but do it just a tiny bit differently … so that student engagement and achievement skyrocketed – not to mention your own sense of accomplishment?

That’s what Glen Pearsall and Natasha Harris have accomplished with clarity, wit and authority in Tilting Your Teaching: Seven Simple Shifts That Can Substantially Improve Student Learning. Each Simple Shift is grounded in research and illustrated with anecdotes from real classrooms. You’ll learn the same techniques that Glen shares in his coaching sessions with teachers throughout Australia and around the world. Using pencil and paper or an app, you’ll also learn how to identify, record and analyse key performance data to home in on the small changes you can make to realise big results. Better still, team up with a colleague for mutual support.

It only takes a few words and as little as one second (seriously!) to transform an unruly classroom into a place of confidence and productivity. Learn about the Simple Shifts and try them in your classroom.


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