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Four Essential Skills for Transformational School & District Leaders

In Time for Change: Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders, Anthony Muhammad and Luis F. Cruz describe effective organisational change as having two dimensions: the technical and the cultural. In order to efficiently create change in both of these dimensions, leaders should have a comprehensive and balanced set of leadership skills. To this end, the authors explore four skills essential to the transformational leader that combine to form the authors’ Why? Who? How? Do! model.

  1. Communicating the rationale to build cognitive investment
  2. Establishing trust to make an emotional investment
  3. Building capacity to make functional investment
  4. Getting results to collect the return on investment

This book offers powerful guidance for those who seek to develop and strengthen their ability to get results as they lead their schools towards transformational change.

F–12 school leaders will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of leadership as a skill to practice and improve
  • understand the role of effective leadership in creating positive change
  • learn ways to address the technical and cultural dimensions of change
  • develop understanding and mastery of the four skills most essential to effective leadership
  • learn how to synthesise leadership skills to effect change.

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