Uncommon Learning Creating Schools that Work for Kids

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Uncommon Learning Creating Schools that Work for Kids

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Eric C Sheninger
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This book, UnCommon Learning, challenges school leaders to adopt a growth mindset and to undertake specific actions with regard to digital media and school change. The book provides a process for schools to initiate sustainable change resulting in a transformation of the learning culture to one that works better in our digital age and resonates with our students. It lays out the elements necessary for establishing innovative initiatives that will enhance learning while increasing relevance to personalize both the school and learning experience for all students.

What others are saying:

With a strikingly fresh and practical perspective, the author takes contemporary learning to a new level of possibiblity with UNCOMMON LEARNING. He has created a modern-leading manual which promises to be a must-have classic for principals,headmasters,administrators,parents and teachers. Sheninger’s thinking on learning communities, curriculum, digital tools, networking and makerspaces in genuinely designed to work for kids of all ages”? Heidi Hayes Jacobs (Author and international expert on Contemporary curriculum and Instruction)

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