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Assessment as the Key to Everyday Creativity in the Classroom

Author Katie White details the ways in which effective assessment can unlock and advance students’ creative abilities, which are vital to succeeding in university and careers. Unlocked defines the four critical stages of the creative process: (1) exploration, (2) elaboration, (3) expression and (4) reflection and response, offering powerful strategies and concrete examples for each stage. Through this book, F–12 teachers and administrators will develop an understanding of creativity and explore the ways in which they can use assessment to unlock all students’ creativity.

Readers will:

  • develop an understanding of the creative process, including its four critical stages and the nature of the creative space
  • explore the numerous benefits of encouraging and developing students’ creativity
  • examine, in depth, the connection between effective assessment and student creativity
  • use strategies to develop assessment methods that will unlock their students’ creativity
  • access the appendix as a quick reference for classroom examples to model their own work of unlocking creativity.
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