Weaving Well-Being Character Strengths – TEACHER BOOK (NZ Year 3)

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Weaving Well-Being Character Strengths – TEACHER BOOK (NZ Year 3)

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Weaving Well-Being is a research-based mental health program that aims to enhance well-being in children aged 7–12. Each book in this series introduces students to age-appropriate concepts and skills drawn from the field of Positive Psychology, the science of well-being.

The ten lessons in this Character Strengths program are designed to help Year 2 (Year 3 NZ) students understand what well-being means, before exploring the 24 different character strengths that contribute to a happy and healthy life. By identifying their top five strengths and practising them on a regular basis, students grow in confidence, self-esteem and appreciation of the unique gifts of their peers.

Each lesson consists of a downloadable PowerPoint introduction, along with suggested development ideas and activities for students to complete. The accompanying Student Book allows children to reflect on their learning as they gradually build a highly personal portfolio of work.

Weekly homework activities give students the opportunity to explore how their well-being can be integrated into their daily lives. The included pull-out guide provides parents with all the information they need to actively support their child throughout the program.

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