Weaving Well-Being Empowering Beliefs- TEACHER BOOK (NZ Year 7)

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Weaving Well-Being Empowering Beliefs- TEACHER BOOK (NZ Year 7)

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Weaving Well-Being is a research-based mental health program that aims to enhance well-being in children aged 7–12. Each book in this series introduces students to age-appropriate concepts and skills drawn from the field of Positive Psychology, the science of well-being.

Research suggests that an individual’s beliefs have a powerful effect on their thoughts and behaviours. Beliefs can become a filter through which subsequent events and situations are interpreted. The ten lessons in the Empowering Beliefs program are designed to invite Year 6 (NZ Year 7) students to adopt beliefs that will motivate and encourage them to take action when presented with new challenges while learning to deal constructively with failure.

Each lesson consists of a downloadable PowerPoint introduction, along with suggested development ideas and activities for students to complete. The accompanying Student Book allows children to reflect on their learning as they gradually build a highly personal portfolio of work.

Weekly homework activities give students the opportunity to explore how their well-being can be integrated into their daily lives. The included pull-out guide provides parents with all the information they need to actively support their child throughout the program.


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