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What if I’m Wrong ?

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and Other Key Questions for Decisive School Leadership

It can be difficult to think clearly and deeply when a decision must be made, especially for principals and other administrators barraged with information, questions, and demands on their time. When even the smallest mistake can negatively affect students and staff, strong decision-making skills are crucial. By focusing on key questions, however, school leaders can find a path through the complex decisions they encounter every day.

What If I’m Wrong? and Other Key Questions for Decisive School Leadership¬†guides you past the pitfalls of split-second instinct, groupthink, prejudice, and the rush to judgment. Leadership coach and former principal Simon Rodberg pulls together true stories from his own experience, examples of a range of school issues, and the latest research in cognitive science into a five-question framework for school leaders to ask themselves when facing a decision:

  • What am I missing?
  • What’s one small step?
  • Where’s the trade-off?
  • Does it have to be this way?
  • What if I’m wrong?

By prompting you to reflect on your own thought processes and cognitive blind spots, Rodberg’s approach helps you build good habits of strategic decision making. Learn to navigate both tough dilemmas and everyday challenges as a decisive school leader.

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