You Can Learn!

You Can Learn!

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Building Student Ownership, Motivation, and Efficacy With the PLC at Work® Process

In You can learn! Building student ownership, motivation, and efficacy with the PLC at Work® process, authors Tim Brown and William M Ferriter offer strategies and protocols designed to foster self-efficacy in students. Drawing on research from experts and their own experiences, the authors detail the significant impact self-efficacy has on student learning, wellbeing and achievement. They focus on how educators translate the efficacy-building behaviours of collaborative teams and other core elements of professional learning communities (PLCs) into instructional strategies designed to develop and reinforce student learning. By incorporating purposeful, efficacy-building practices into their classrooms, readers will help students take ownership of their learning and increase engagement.

Readers will:

  • understand why self-efficacy is important for student achievement and wellbeing
  • discover how to incorporate efficacy-building practices designed around foundational PLC elements in their classrooms
  • study research-based strategies that span grade levels and subject areas
  • review recommendations for starting to use the strategies outlined in each chapter
  • utilise reproducible templates and tools to enhance their understanding of the material.
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