Jon Winder
The Sephira Institute is a specialist consultancy in education, business and the community. In education, as partners in your commitment to Learning Mastery, we work to support all sectors of education to inspire change that builds capacity and resilience, to prepare students and educators to respond to the changing needs of the wider world and to stimulate high-level outcomes.

Our initiatives are founded on over 40 years’ work in schools, consulting, research and support. Our experience has been with many cultures, including Maori and Pasifika, public and private education, secular and religious schools, rural and urban education, from pre-school to University, with the main emphasis on Primary and Secondary education. We provide integrated, unique and high-impact consulting services, guidance and resources to support visionary principals and senior teams interested in deep transformative change personally and organisationally.

The educational sector of Sephira Institute is led by Jon Winder, widely respected for his work as an educational consultant, author, presenter and leadership mentor. He holds an M.A. in English, a postgraduate diploma in Educational Technology and is a graduate of Coach University. He is frequently called on to speak at conferences throughout New Zealand. Jon leads schools, nationally and internationally with powerful, vital educational tools and wisdom, helping principals, senior staff and teachers to understand, access and apply these principles to the craft of learning mastery and high achievement.


For Senior Management and Boards
*Appraisals for Principals and Senior Leaders
*Leadership Mentoring for Principals
*The Learning Audit - a snapshot of the current learning performance
*Re-visioning the school – bringing a new story and energy to the school
*Re-culturing the school – creating the cultural shift to sustain vibrant learning
*Strategic Planning and Operational Excellence – making the change initiatives happen
*Leadership Forum – enhancing team synergy, communication and effectiveness
*Whole-School Culture – creating the cultural shift to sustain learning performance
*Board Review, Charter and Governance – looking at the big picture, getting it right
*Leadership development for middle managers, enhancing skills to lead effectively
*Teacher Only Days on key pedagogical issues to inform learning mastery

Programs for Schools
*Teaching for Effective Learning (TEFL) – for teacher teams, embedding curriculum change
*The B-Cool Program for Boys – for boys “at-promise” and for boys who want to excel
*Mentoring Programme – senior students (and adults) mentoring younger students
*Learning Engagement – turning students on to learning
*The Keys to Positive Engagement – supporting staff to shift students into powerful engagement
*Keys to Extraordinary Learning – meta-learning skills that create outstanding learning results
*Enriching Emotional Competence and Resilience – effective tools for behavioural change
*Boys’ Learning Engagement – teaching tools that suit the ways boys learn best
*Boys’ only classes - supporting schools wishing to set up single gender classroom learning

For Teachers
*Professional Support for New and Experienced Teachers
*Teachers as Storytellers – using story to embed deep learning and engage students
*Bringing back creativity into the classroom – how to tap into student creativity and innovation
*Mastering Learning Styles – helping teachers understand the different ways students learn
*Taking Stress Out of Teaching – bringing balance and harmony into teaching

For Parents and Students
*Key learning skills that support parents to create family harmony and learning mastery
*Student Learning Success – to inspire students to achieve high academic performance
*Coaching for Students – moving from underperforming to high levels of competence

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