Sheena Cameron
Sheena Cameron is an experienced primary/elementary school teacher who has taught in New Zealand, England and the United States. Her interest in reading and in particular, what to do with students who are working independently when the teacher is with a guided reading group lead to the publication of The Reading Activity Handbook, (Pearson Education 2004).She has also written The Publishing and Display Handbook, (Pearson Education 2006) which looks at setting up creative and interesting classrooms and contains 74 different ways to publish student work - and Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies – a practical classroom guide, (Pearson Education 2009), released in October 2009. The book is based on current research in reading comprehension and outlines how to translate this into realistic classroom practice. Her latest release is entitled The Writing Book: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers, which was co-written with Louise Dempsey.

Sheena has lectured at the Faculty of Education at Auckland University and was Director of Kohia Teachers’ Centre. She currently works in New Zealand and Australian schools facilitating workshops and providing in-school support in the areas of literacy, classroom environment and student publishing. She also facilitates workshops at Kohia Teachers’ Centre at the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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