Anna-Michele Hantler
Anna-Michele is a New Zealander, despite the Aussie twang, and has spent most of her adult life living in Australia and England. She has finally managed to begin living between her home country, Aotearoa, and the North East of England - catching the best of the seasons where she can and being officially recognised as a professional bag lady!

Having worked in and around Schools, Childcare Settings and Family Services for most of her 30-year career, Anna-Michele has extensive experience in teaching, educational advisory services, child protection and arts therapies for groups and individuals.

Trained initially in Early Years Education in NZ, Anna-Michele has taught across all phases, primarily as an Emotional Behaviour Difficulties Support Teacher with individuals and small groups within the UK. However, her heart still lies with those crucially formative first seven years.

She holds qualifications in Youth Work, Neurolinguistic Programming, and various Therapeutic Techniques and is an accredited Therapeutic Child Counsellor (U.K.A.T.C.). Anna-Michele has also enjoyed being an accredited Quality Circle Time Consultant with Jenny Mosley, since 1996.

In 2005, in a post as Anti-Bullying Officer for a Local Authority in the North East, Anna-Michele successfully established a new service supporting Schools and Children’s Services. Within three years, she had devised and written an accreditation scheme; implemented and researched a pilot Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) across seven schools; hosted an annual calendar of training opportunities and raised the profile and calibre of anti-bullying work across the authority. She is an International MISP Trainer and is now in the Voluntary Committee role as Education Co-ordinator on the Massage in Schools Association (MISA).

Anna-Michele has written a book on request from LDA, the Educational publishers, How to Nurture and Enhance Children’s Emotional Development.

Courses available:

Massage in Schools:
This two-day course will help you to instruct children 4-12 years of age, and their parents/carers, in a nurturing routine of peer massage and movement activities.

Mad, Bad, Sad or Glad:
Do you find many children, not only the 'troubled souls' in our classrooms, playgrounds and various settings, struggle to find meaningful and appropriate ways to manage and express their everyday feelings? Would you like to be better equipped to help the quiet lonely child who aches for a friend, or the boisterous lively child who flies off the handle all too easily?
This course will help you help them.

Anti-Bullying Bunch:
"Putting Anti-Bullying Strategies into Good Practice"
This course will help you update policy, and improve practice. Get to grips with the neuroscience behind bullying, implement some of the most current and imaginative anti-bullying practices around and plan for a successful Anti-Bullying Week - all in one day!

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