Gavin Grift
Gavin Grift is Managing Director of Solution Tree Australia. With experience as a teacher, assistant principal, and educational coach. Gavin's passion, commitment, and style have made him an in-demand presenter of keynotes, seminars, and in-school support days. As a speaker, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on professional learning communities, Cognitive Coaching, and teachers as architects of learning. Gavin’s leadership of Cognitive Coaching in Australia has led him to working with systems and schools across Asia, Australia and New Zealand where he is a highly sought after presenter.

Gavin is the co-author of numerous articles and books, including Transformative Talk: Cognitive Coaches Share Their Stories (2014), Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools (2016), and Transformative Collaboration (2016). As a PLC at Work™ training associate, he led the development of PLC networks within Australian schools, culminating in the establishment of the Centre for Professional Learning Communities. Gavin has served as director for the Association of Innovation in Education and as curriculum hub leader for the Australian National Schools Network. Gavin has served as the executive director for Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions since 2010.

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