James Anderson
Author of Succeeding with Habits of Mind and founder of the Habits of Mind Teachers Network James is an internationally recognised authority on Habits of Mind and an International Affiliate of Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Institute for Habits of Mind. He is the founding director and principal consultant of MindfulbyDesign which focuses solely on supporting schools, businesses and the wider communities interest in Habits of Mind. Author of his own Succeeding with Habits of Mind, he is a contributing author in Costa and Kallick’s Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum and Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind where he co-authored the chapter on Dimensions of Growth with Costa and Kallick.

A classroom teacher by training, his work with HoM began in his own classroom, and over the past 15 years his passion and dedication for the Habits has grown into his full time business and led him to work with schools all around the world. He is founder of the Habits of Mind website as well as the Facebook/Habits of Mind page. He is recognised internationally as taking Costa and Kallick’s foundational work with Habits of Mind and extending, enhancing and applying it in powerful and most importantly sustainable ways.

James refuses to conduct “hit and run” professional learning and offers everyone who attends his Habits of Mind workshop ongoing support through access to resources on his website and informal and formal follow up support.

A highly experienced and engaging presenter with experience at all levels of schooling James offers a wide range of professional learning opportunities for schools interested in infusing and sustaining Habits of Mind into their classrooms, curriculum and culture. He draws on his own classroom and school leadership experience to engage teachers in highly practical learning activities that lead to improved learning outcomes in the classroom.

In a successful career as an educational consultant, James Anderson credits just three related ideas as having the most profound and fundamental impact on student success: Learn-able Intelligence, Mindset and Habits of Mind.

Taken together these three ideas encompass what it means to teach students to be successful. James first started introducing teachers to the idea of Mindsets shortly after Carol Dweck published her foundational book in 2006 as part of his other workshops.

Since then James has maintained and extended his interest in bringing this work to the wider educational community. In 2014 James became the first independent educational consultant to be certified as a Mindset Trainer by Carol Dweck’s organisation MINDSETWORKS.

He is a dynamic, energetic and passionate teacher who prides himself on providing practical and engaging professional learning.

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