Kathryn Birch
Kate has extensive classroom experience in both the primary and secondary sector. On completion of her Master’s degree in 2001 she lectured for Massey University in the Teaching of Reading, and has been a literacy consultant since 2004. She has a proven record in leading schools in an evidenced-based change process and was a facilitator in the New Zealand Literacy Professional Development Project (LPDP) working in schools across Auckland. She is also well known throughout NZ schools for her ‘Chunk, Check, Cheer’ strategy and approach to reading and spelling. She was the moderator for Literacy Online tki in 2012-13 and she has facilitated e-asTTle workshops around NZ giving teachers an in-depth view of how e-asTTle really is a tool for teaching and learning, especially in the teaching of reading and writing. For the last four years she has been an Education Consultant in the Visible LearningPlus team with Cognition Education Ltd. In this role she was involved the development and delivery of all Visible Learning programmes in New Zealand and internationally and was the project manager of a schooling improvement Visible Learning programme in a large cluster of 50 schools in the Northern Territory, Australia. She is the co-author of ‘Visible Learning into Action: International Case Studies of Impact’ with Professor John Hattie (2015).

Kate has recently relocated to the South Island and is available for work as an independent contractor to schools throughout New Zealand to support and promote improved literacy for learning. She is particularly keen to coach and mentor teachers to achieve greater outcomes for their students through the teaching as inquiry process.

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