Tabitha Leonard
Tabitha Leonard is a published author and founder of education consultancy - (Acquire-ED, She specialises in facilitating coaching action research learning projects and critical inquiry practices. Educational change initiatives she led focused on the implications of SOLO Taxonomy for learning pedagogies and its use to grow student agency. She has worked with educational leaders and classroom teachers to build their capacity as inquiring practitioners through quality critical inquiry in the form of action research learning projects.
Professional Learning should challenge and deepen thoughts and teacher schema in order for it to be transformational. All sessions Tabitha facilitates are informed by research and with the use of a combination of concept and context she empowers learners to make a sustainable change to their practice. Through facilitation or coaching, Tabitha will engage and generate innovation and creativity that will make learning meaningful and relevant. She brings experience in coaching learners to grow a learning culture that will result in transformational change

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