Mark Chamberlain
Mark Chamberlain is a teacher who has spent twenty years in classrooms both here in New Zealand and overseas developing his approach for boys reluctant to write. He is also an award winning author and journalist with a passion for writing and has written fifteen different books, including his manual, Releasing Reluctant Writers. Mark‘s approach for releasing reluctant writers has been shared with teachers both in Europe (ECIS), the Middle East (NESA and TARA) and more recently at LNNZ. To date, every teacher who has attended his workshops and put his approach into action has reported success in releasing their reluctant writers. If you are looking for a fun approach to writing especially designed for boys who currently hate writing, only write under sufferance, cannot elaborate, take no pride in what they write, believe they can’t write, think writing is only for girls; yet love sport, being outdoors, socialising with friends and have no problem relating stories orally, then Mark’s workshops are for you.

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