Marie McLeod
Marie McLeod is a kiwi, currently living in Melbourne with her Scottish partner and 3 lively children.

Marie is qualified in Social Work, Adult Education and Positive Psychology. As the Director of PoPsy Consulting, Marie works with schools, communities and corporates to design and deliver transformative wellbeing solutions, with a specific focus on activating wellbeing despite adversity.

Marie has worked in Child Protection, Youth Justice, Disability and managed Neighbourhood Renewal in 21 vulnerable communities. Her work blends a deep understanding of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Appreciative Inquiry with extensive experience in community culture change.

Marie has a specific interest in cultivating compassion, connection and community level wellbeing. She will passionately shares what she now knows and wishes she knew earlier, about learning, living and embedding wellbeing for individuals “me”, teams “we” and communities “us”. Marie will leave you engaged, energised and inspired to take action.

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