Bill Martin

Bill Martin is Managing Director of Bill Martin and Associates, a U.S.-based company, which facilitates change in organizations. This is generated through the creation of a powerful shared vision, involving all staff, and then implementing the emergent long-term development plan. He focuses on organizational learning, the creation of leadership capacity, innovation, effective change, and the effective use of systems thinking skills and thinking dispositions. All of Bill’s work is based on the development of personal responsibility for growth and learning. He has spent most of his career in senior leadership positions in schools, and has won leadership awards in the USA. Bill is the best leader John has seen in forty years working across education, business and sport.

Bill is a practical man. He ensures that people and resources are freed to deliver results. He is a sought-after consultant and presenter. He has worked in nine countries across a range of sectors, including education, health, financial analysis, juvenile justice, information technology, engineering, non-profit organizations, and elite sport. Bill has presented invited addresses at International Conferences on Thinking in New Zealand, the U.K., USA, Sweden, Spain and Australia. In New Zealand he has worked with many schools and teacher organizations across the country for the last thirteen years. He also works with Sport New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand, and with companies such as Fisher & Paykel, Oldfields, Web Drive and the TR Group.

His new book, Schools that Deliver, co-authored with John Edwards, was published in April 2016.

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