Rebecca Merle
Rebecca Merle trained as a teacher with degrees in Education and Graphic Design before setting up her own educational company, Bubble Dome. She now works personally with Edward de Bono and is currently developing several educational resources with him. Rebecca has developed a unique set of fantasy thinking tools that help students to develop extraordinary ideas in all areas of the curriculum. The Bubble Dome website has won many awards and is used to extend children throughout the world.

Workshops for Teachers
All workshops can be run for full day from 9-3pm or as shortened versions after school

Learn how to extend young minds like never before
Gifted Education + Bubble Dome High-level Thinking Tools

Discover exciting ways to extend gifted and talented students by introducing topics that will challenge their ideas of the world, encourage risk- taking and the development of high-level thinking skills. Satisfy your gifted student’s desire to explore their imagination and develop revolutionary ideas.

Intriguing Ways to Develop Character and Plot + the Bubble Dome Writing Cards
Literacy + Bubble Dome Thinking Tools + Edward deBono

This hands-on course involves some extremely unique ways to develop unusual characters and interesting plots. Techniques include the use of obscure fantasy subject matter, the Six Thinking Hats, Music, Drama, Art and Technology. Reference is made to the 'Bubble Dome Writing Cards' resource produced in collaboration with Edward de Bono.

Art and Technology
Art, Technology + Bubble Dome High-level Thinking Tools

Learn how to develop an interactive drawing experience that involves children in a story. Enable students to create artworks where the child artist becomes a detective in the process! This is a hands-on course that turns Art into an exciting technological experience.

Incredible ideas to use the Bubble Dome website in your classroom
The Bubble Dome Website + Supporting Resources

Explore how to take the material from the Bubble Dome website and turn it into an array of exciting learning experiences that will extend and enrich your student’s learning with ICT while making links into many different areas of the curriculum.

How to develop high-level thinking skills with Mystery Learning Objects
Technology, Science, Art +Thinking

Discover how learning with the Bubble Dome Mystery Learning Objects can develop high-level thinking skills allowing students to create the most incredible designs and inventions. Workshop covers construction, modelling and design.


The Bubble Dome Mystery object workshop
Technology, Science, Art - High-level Thinking
Students discover how learning with the Bubble Dome Mystery Learning Objects opens up their imaginations to create the most incredible designs and inventions. Workshop covers construction, modelling and design.

Mutant Morph - for a taste of the truly bizarre!
Literacy, Science, Art - High-level Thinking
Students create their own original creatures with unique adaptations inspired by exciting ‘out of this world’ stimulations! For those students that enjoy a real challenge and thinking outside the square, this workshop will be sure to challenge. Workshop covers drawing, discussions, science and inventing.

The Writing Starter Cards workshop
Literacy - High-level Thinking
Workshop covers different genres of writing, storyboarding and Edward deBono’s Six Thinking Hats. It is based around the new Bubble Dome Zinger Pinger Writing cards but uses their content in ever more intriguing ways.

High-Level Thinking Skills and Maths
Maths - High-level - Thinking
This unique workshop will encourage students to use their
knowledge of shapes and transformations in intriguing ways. There will be all sorts of challenges that develop maths and high-level thinking skills together. Students will solve mysterious mathematical problems and create intriguing inventions as part of their own 3 dimensional World of Shapes and Transformations.

Bubble Dome Terms & Conditions
Fee Structure for Student Workshops
  • All workshops take a minimum of 20 students and a maximum of 24 students
  • All materials are supplied with the fee
  • All students receive complimentary ‘Idea Extension Cards’ that can be used back in the classroom to continually extend their thinking skills
  • Each student attending pays the quoted $15 workshop fee
  • The school collects the fees and bookings
  • Half-day programmes consist of two 1.5 hour workshops (total 40 students)
  • Full-day workshops of three 1.5 hour workshops (total 60 students)
  • We offer 3 complimentary passes with a full-day workshop booking
  • We require a minimum of 57 paying students over a fall-day booking of 3 workshops (I.e. 60 minus 3 free places = 57). Therefore, the overall cost to a school is usually 57 x 15=$855 - this includes GST. If there are more than 20 students per workshop the fee goes up accordingly.
  • Bubble Dome asks that if any students are absent, the school arranges for replacements as we cannot offer refunds. So the total number of children participating for the day will be 60 (20 in each workshop. However, we can take up to 24 paying students in each workshop)

Facilities Required
  • We require a room with tables in it and, if possible, a data projector and screen to plug our laptop into.

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