Ron & Kath Cronin-Lampe
Ron and Kath Cronin-Lampe are experienced educators, counsellors and international trainers who have worked in school settings and the education sector, for over twenty years. Kath and Ron’s workshop will focus on the importance of creating connection and engagement in personal, professional and learning contexts through practices that engender positive relationships. Engagement opens up possibilities for learning and connection across a broad landscape-e.g. intellectual, social, physical, fiscal, relational, environmental.

Kath Cronin-Lampe: Diploma Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Masters Counselling (Hons), (Waikato, N.Z.). Kath is an experienced consultant, trainer, supervisor, counsellor and educator who, with her partner Ron, has been a member of the University of Waikato’s Restorative Practices Development Team since the late 1990’s.

Ron Cronin-Lampe: Bachelor of Theology (Otago, N.Z.), Diploma Social Work (Wintec, Hamilton, N.Z.), Post Graduate Diploma-Counselling (Waikato N.Z.). Ron is an experienced consultant, trainer, mediator, capability mentor (MSD), social worker, counsellor, and celebrant. Ron worked in pastoral ministry during the 1980’s and then had extensive experience in Restorative Justice and Conferencing through his years working within the Child, Youth, and Family Agency.

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