Sally Mabelle
Sally Mabelle is a specialist in “The Voice of Leadership”. She is a dual citizen of the U.S.A and New Zealand and the President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand. She motivates her audiences to find and express their ‘voice of leadership’ and leadership presence and to have more successful conversations, whether speaking to individuals or large groups.

Her formal credentials include a Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed.) from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, a B.A. with honours in Rhetoric and Communication Studies from The University of Virginia, and a certificate for 325 hours of training in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. She has taught primary, intermediate, and secondary school students in the USA and New Zealand.

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Workshops available include:

Interpersonal Excellence for Leaders (half day)

  • Handle challenging conversations by expressing yourself assertively without offending others.
  • Listen empathetically and effectively so your colleagues, students, and parents feel heard.
  • Increase self-awareness of your own feelings and needs as well as those of others.
  • Gain insight into your personality strengths and challenges so you can communicate more effectively with a wider variety of people.
  • Manage your uncomfortable emotions and those of others more easily and skillfully.
The workshop will be of value to leaders who want to create:
  • High trust relationships among their staff, their colleagues, and with parents
  • A school climate for greater innovation and creativity
Voice and Confidence Workshop for Teachers (half day or after school session)

Would you like to feel confident and natural voicing yourself with authority and full self-expression?

Would you like to be a role model for free, confident, and joyful self-expression for your students?

You’ll learn techniques to allow yourself to fully open up and free your voice. Sally’s approach is founded on relaxation and takes you through a series of exercises covering ‘the three r’s of vocal projection’, the five vocal dynamics of full vocal expression, and articulation games to be fully heard. You will be amazed as your inhibitions around voicing yourself are replaced by a sense of the fun and joy in vocal self-expression. You will develop a confident self-expression and uncover your natural, authentic voice.

Benefits include:
  • Enhance your self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn specific techniques to access your clearest, most powerful and natural voice
  • Overcome any inhibitions, fears, and shyness around expressing yourself fully
  • Have fun learning simple call and response voice games to teach your students
  • Develop your creativity and ability to express yourself freely
Sally’s experience as an actress and voice coach adds a unique flavour of fun to the process.


President, National Speakers Organization of New Zealand (Auckland Chapter)
Mentor, YWCA Future Leaders' Progamme

Principal NZ Clients:

Telecom (Gen-I)
(ANZIIF)Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance
AUT (Auckland University of Technology)
University of Auckland
Carista Business Solutions
Franchize Consultants
Les Mills - Auckland
Achieve Global
Levonne Hart, HR, Hewlett Packard
Maclean Computing
Orbits IT Solutions
Osiris Health Clinic
Whitecliffe College
YWCA Future Leaders
YMCA Auckland

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