Lane Clark
Lane Clark has a well-earned reputation as an expert in enabling and empowering teachers and schools to design and deliver rigorous, engaging curriculum through powerful teaching and learning strategies.

Over the last 20 years she has spent six months of every year ‘on the road’, working directly with schools and districts, equipping educators with the tools and strategies required to re-imagine teaching and learning and promote deep thinking and deep learning for all students.

Over the last twenty five years, Lane has worked with more than 100 000 educators, in 20 countries, across five continents with the majority of that work being with schools across Australia, New Zealand and the UK as well as working with networks of International Schools in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lane’s extensive work with schools across New Zealand twice a year means that she has an incredibly broad and deep understanding of the New Zealand context and curricula.

Lane is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at national and international conferences all over the world. She was recently a keynote presenter at the International Conference on Thinking in Spain alongside fellow keynotes, Edward De Bono, Howard Gardner, Robert Sternberg, David Perkins and Art Costa. Lane always receives rave reviews from conference audiences and is consistently rated as one of the top speakers at the conferences she presents at.

Lane’s Deep Thinking for Deep Learning approach to curriculum design, implementation and assessment, focuses on teaching learners HOW to LEARN and HOW to THINK. Curriculum is contextualised in authentic learning opportunities that invite learners to USE curriculum knowledge and skills to solve problems, meet challenges or make products that will make a difference in their lives and also in the lives of others. Through the use of visible and explicit tools, strategies and frameworks, students are engaged, enabled and empowered to take responsible and rigorous agency over their thinking and learning.

She has developed a suite of thinking and learning tools including an inquiry learning model (the think!nQ model) which mirrors the ‘real life’ process of learning; two thinking frameworks (the thinkbox and thinktower) that explicitly demonstrate for learners, the relationship between thinking skills and thinking tools; she has created nine micro-learning process models, that include decision-making, problem-solving, authoring and designing/making; and has developed a suite of additional thinking tools that guide deliberate and strategic skill development in the areas of relating, hypothesizing, inferencing, generalizing, analyzing and evaluating.

Lane's Deep Thinking for Deep Learning approach is currently explored in undergraduate and graduate university courses in four countries. Her first book is a required text for a Masters course on the teaching of thinking and learning at Amsterdam University. Lane has written (and teaches) a Masters level course on thinking and learning for the University of Zaragoza in Spain.

She is the author of two books: ‘Where Thinking and Learning Meet’ and ‘Where Assessment Meets Thinking and Learning’ and is in the process of writing her third, ‘Deep Thinking for Deep Learning’.

Lane's work offers a refreshing, necessary and practical approach to re-thinking and re-engineering how teachers teach and how learners learn.

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