Karen Boyes
Karen Boyes is the Founder , Head Facilitator and Director of Spectrum Education Limited, an educational consulting company which specialises in Accelerated Learning and Whole Brain Learning Techniques. She is highly skilled, enthusiastic and dynamic in the field of education. She has spent the last six years researching, developing and designing effective training and courses using Accelerating Learning and Whole Brain Learning Techniques. Her course experience includes having worked with teachers, parents, students, and corporate clients.

Workshops include:
27 Memory Skills and How to Teach Unforgettable Lessons
Games That Teach
Speed Reading
Developing Student self Esteem for Success
Reaching your Learners - An introduction to Accelerated Learning
Setting up an Accelerated Learning Environment
Motivation and Goal Setting
Whole Brain Learning
Succeeding with Multiple Intelligences
From Theory to Practice - 17 Management Strategies for Effective Teaching

Reaching Your Students through Accelerating Learning
An overview of Accelerating Learning techniques and simple ways to ensure students get the most out of their education.
You'll learn to identify 5 major learning styles... Teach to each learning style effectively, so that all students are enrolled at all times.
You'll learn how to create a stimulating and rewarding environment...easy ideas to transform your teaching environment so students find your teaching and classroom inviting and stimulating.
You'll learn the secrets of building rapport... Effective communication and rapport with all students is essential. And you can achieve this.
Learn the secrets of how to put more fun into learning...What a concept! Learning being fun!! Imagine your students wanting to learn more because they enjoy your teaching so much...
Use music effectively in your teaching... Learn how to incorporate music for background, special effects and state changes
You'll learn how to motivate and energise students...how to apply simple skills to maintain interest and enthusiasm
Learn the keys to maintaining the focus and concentration of your learners.. You'll explore what switches students on and off and how to maintain their focus on the task at hand
Time: 9am - 5pm

Learning Styles
The knowledge that students learn in different ways is not new. This workshop explores the 15 different learning and thinking styles and provides many simple yet effective ways to meet the needs of these learners in the classroom environment.

What are Learning Styles?
A look at the Bandler and Grinder Learning Styles Model.
What is my learning style?
How can I identify other people's learning styles?
How do I communicate effectively to each learner type?
Using and catering for different learning styles in the classroom
How does each learner process information internally?
Exploration of the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles model
How to cater for reflective and impulsive students
Implementation into the classroom
Time: 3- 4 hours

Improve your Memory - and Teach Memorable Lessons
This course will help you to gain an understanding of how memory works and how to maximise its potential.
Teachers will:
* explore the 7 keys to memory
* learn quick and effective ways to teach concepts.
* walk away with a technique to ensure information is retained long term
* understand how the brain works and how to maximise it's potential
* explore the use of stories and peripherals
* experience the power of reviewing information for long term recall
* learn simple maths and spelling techniques to guarantee success
* experience how to anchor learning so that its unforgettable
* acquire many more classroom strategies to improve memory implementation into the classroom
Time: 3 - 4 hours

Creating An Effective Learning Environment
Get ready. This is what you have been waiting for!! You'll cover the physical, social and psychological classroom plus simple and practical ways to accelerate learning such as the skills that:
* give teachers ideas and strategies to set up an ideal learning environment
* look at the factors to consider when setting up a learning environment
* how does colour, lighting and temperature effect learning?
* what is the ideal intake for students learning?
* how does making mistakes enhance learning?
* celebrations and the importance of them
* what kind of rewards are most effective in the classroom?
* implementation into the classroom
Time: 2 -3 hours

Motivation & Goal Setting - strategies to motivate & energise students
A workshop to give teachers the skills to motivate students and facilitate them to set goals and achieve them. Topics include:
* visualisation
* the success cycle
* dealing with failure and self-talk
* overcoming barriers and maintaining positive attitudes
* a simple formula for goal setting
* daily rituals that encourage success
Time: 3 -4 hours

Habits Of Mind
An Introduction to the study of Intelligent Behaviours
Learn about the essential behaviours needed in productive learning organisations...

’A critical attribute of intelligence is not only having information but also knowing how to act on it.’ Costa and Kallick's 16 types of intelligent behaviours (Habits Of Mind) can aid students and adults as they encounter problems, dilemmas and enigmas.

You’ll learn how to..
* teach the habits directly and reinforce them throughout the curriculum
* enhance instructional decision making
* use feedback to guide students to become self assessing
* activate and engage the mind
* integrate and sustain the Habits of Mind in your school
* develop creative thinkers and problem solvers
* use practical, classroom tested strategies
Time: 9am - 5pm

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