December 2018

Summer is on it's way...


Summer is just around the corner...along with sunshine and a well deserved break!

BUT don't forget your to-do-list before you go...

1. BOOK your professional learning for 2019 AND don't pay until next year
2. BUY your ITC planners before we run out and REMEMBER to organise your HOLIDAY read 
3. MARK IN YOUR DIARY when Learning Network NZ re-opens for the new year

Make the most of what is on offer in Term 1 and invest in your own LEARNING and WELLBEING...
30 Jan   Complex Behaviours: Simple Interventions for the Classroom
31 Jan   Starting off in a New Entrant Setting
1 Feb     Improving Wellbeing for Teachers & Students
14 Mar   Women in Leadership: Authentic Leadership (First of a series of 5 sessions)
15 Mar   Co-teaching & Collaboration
18 Mar   The Learning Process
30 Mar   Effective Writing  with Murray Gadd (Sat course so no relievers required)

And join international experts...

Pete Hall (USA) 
21 Mar   Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice
22 Mar   Differentiated Instructional Leadership
John Santos (High Tech High)
1/ 2 Apr  Problem Based Learning

And best thing is you can book your place NOW , but pay in 2019 !
still some sale stock left......and a few new things will be on there after stock take as well - keep on checking

Innovative Teachers Companions are now at $35 per copy (plus freight) AND there is limited stock left. Last day for delivery to the South Island for ITC's is Friday 7th December and for the North Island Friday 14th December - orders received after these dates will be delivered after we get back to work 21st January 2019.  Order here -  EARLY YEARS / PRIMARYSECONDARY .

 Sir Ken Robinson...
"My contention is that creativity now is as important as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status"

How do we foster young childrens innovation and provide them with the space, time and opportunity to develop their creativity?
Join Nathan Wallis, Jo Williams and others to bring back the fun and imagination to the way you teach

Growing Creative Young Minds
Workshops on Neuroscience, Creativity, Dance, Play Based Learning, Science, Music and more...
Monday 15 April (Non-contact time)

The team at Learning Network NZ will be enjoying a well deserved break
The centre will be 
CLOSED  from  20th December 2018
We will be back on deck again and RE-OPEN 21st January 2019
But if you do want to register for any courses or order books for January– you can access our website 24/7
Thank you for your continued support and enjoy a fabulous summer holiday.
We look forward to seeing you in the New Year 



Merry Christmas from the team at Learning Network NZ
Faye, Dorne and Ruth)