November 2018

NOW is the time to plan for 2019


What are your professional learning goals for 2019?
And how will you achieve these goals?

Learning Network NZ provides professional learning that INSPIRES and we have organised a fantastic line up of both global and NZ educators ready to share their research, expertise and practice.

Starting in January with a focus on Wellbeing is Graham Watts (UK) and continuing throughout the year we will connect you with opportunities to hear global educators on creating a collaborative school culture, differentiated instructional leadership, problem based learning, neuroscience, future focused learning, thinking, nurturing learner agency through inquiry, growth mindsets and creating resilient schools.

Get in early for those events happening before school starts and during Term 1
You can book now, but pay in 2019


How will you support your teachers to start the new year with verve and vigour?

Learning Network NZ have organised some inspirational speakers to kick start 2019 and focus your teachers on Improving their Wellbeing and providing strategies for coping with Complex Behaviours in the Classroom.

Check out these options for your whole school:

30 January  Complex Behaviours: Simple Interventions for the Classroom

1 February   Improving Wellbeing for Teachers and Students
                  Graham is also presenting in Christchurch on the 25th January
                  He will also be available to follow up with schools with online support and coaching.
In March Pete Hall (USA) is presenting 2 workshops for school leaders and leadership teams.
A former school Principal, author and instructional coach, Pete will share strategies for nurturing collegial relationships that support GROWTH.

1. Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice (21 March, Auckland)
    Helping teachers to become reflective practitioners and transforming your school into cultures of commitment , instead of cultures of compliance.

2. Differentiated Intsructional Leadership (22 March, Auckland)
    This workshop takes it a step further and engages teachers with strategies that truly build their self-reflective habits

Pete Hall will also be presenting in Christchurch(26 March), Rotorua (28 March) and Hawkes Bay (29 March)

Join John Santos (HIGH TECH HIGH) and Nick Pattison (Ormiston Junior College) for a 2 day workshop showcasing Problem Based Learning that empowers teachers to successfully contextualise this learning model for NZ classrooms.
John has 16 years experience working at High Tech High, San Diego, who have pioneered Project Based Learning.

They will be presenting in 2 locations: 1/2 April  Hobsonville Point Primary and 4/5 April  Queenstown Primary
Our NZ educators are available to work with schools and teachers over time, with a more in-depth approach to learning. Next year Learning Network is offering series of workshops that will develop your knowledge and skills throughout the year.

Women in Leadership (Mary-Anne Murphy) Starts 14 March (follow on sessions in June 20, Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 31)
Mary-Anne will focus on themes of Authentic Leadership, Communication, Nurturing Performance, Strategic & Systems Thinking, and Creating a Culture of Care

Future Focused Education (Mark Osborne) Starts 15 March (follow on sessions 28 June, 9 Aug, 22 Nov)
Mark will focus on themes of Co-teaching & Collaboration, Future focused education, Maker Spaces and Innovative Learning Environments.

The Learning Process (Mark Treadwell) Starts 18 March (follow on sessions 27 May, 5 Aug, 4 Nov)
Mark will focus on themes of the Learning Process, Neuroscience of Learning, Shifting from Themes to Concepts and the Competencies.
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