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Julia Burton
TITLE: Science Games Book 1 : Relay race revision games for biology topics
AUTHOR(S): Julia Burton
Suitable For: Upper Primary to Intermediate
PRICE: $45.00
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Book 1 Biology

This Science Games series is designed to provide a fun way for students to revise science topics. Relay race revision games encourage teamwork while students compete to win the race – not necessarily by finishing first but by answering the questions thoroughly and accurately. Students develop their communication skills as they discuss the scientific ideas needed to answer the questions correctly. Higher-ability students can extend themselves by tutoring and debating with others. Immensely popular with both students and teachers, these science games are a much more engaging strategy for revision than going through a text book! This ready-made resource, with games across all areas of biology, physics, chemistry, earth science and human biology, is the ideal way to revise and reinforce a whole year’s worth of learning.