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Rowena Monds
TITLE: Where is Autism?
AUTHOR(S): Rowena Monds
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The author, Rowena Monds, is the mother of an autistic child. She wrote this book to be a tool for parents, caregivers and professionals and to explain autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in a fun and positive way. In her experience, young children find autism to be complex and have difficulty understanding how a child with autism differs from ‘normal’, or neuro-typical, children. The book is not a one-size-fits-all approach to autism because the autism spectrum is complex and unique to each individual. Each person on the spectrum will be affected differently despite having a similar diagnosis. The first part of the book is a story about two friends Kahu and Danny. Through children’s’ eyes Danny discovers about his friend Kahu’s Autism. At Kahu’s home, Danny goes searching for for Kahu’s autism. Together they discuss the issues. This is an inquisitive story where friendship and play enables Kahu to share about living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The story has a fun way of highlighting some of the difficulties, challenges and strengths of Kahu’s A.S.D. Charlotte Giblin the illustrator has breathed life into the boys and along with Rowena has told an engaging and compelling story. Her illustrations are colourful and querky The text is enhanced beautifully by Charlotte. She has managed to capture the author’s ideas pictorially with her colourful and lively illustrations. The two main characters, Kahu and Danny, almost jump off the pages. It is the author’s intention that the book will aid conversation with children about autism and ASD so they can understand and relate to children who have ASD in their classroom, the playground or their wider circle. To this end there is extremely useful information following the story. Rowena points to the use of visuals to help children with ASD with their learning. There is a list of helpful links on the topic. This information will be of benefit to parents, caregivers and teachers.