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Judy F. Carr
Nancy Herman
Douglas E. Harris
TITLE: Creating Dynamic Schools Through Mentoring, Coaching and Collaboration
AUTHOR(S): Judy F. Carr, Nancy Herman and Douglas E. Harris
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Create a school environment that ensures improvement ideas are more likely to succeed by using the guidelines and strategies from this book.

After the authors present the foundational principles of group decision-making in a collaborative school, they explain the functions that are key to a dynamic school that embraces change and improvement:

  • Establishing and managing effective study groups that reflect on current school practices and investigate new approaches;
  • Developing and supporting coaching relationships that foster professional development throughout the staff;
  • Designing and managing mentoring programs that maximize the talents and resources of veteran and beginning teachers;
  • Promoting and sustaining shared leadership that focuses everyone on mutually agreed-upon goals

    Learn how these functions come together to form a learning community that is committed to a continuous improvement cycle.