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Mike Schmoker
TITLE: Results Now: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Teaching and Learning
AUTHOR(S): Mike Schmoker
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What would make a good school even better and great schools the norm? School improvement expert Mike Schmoker answers that question and describes a sure and fast route to immensely better schools in any kind of community. Using research evidence, case studies, and anecdotes from all kinds of schools, this book identifies the most pervasive obstacles to school improvement:

  • What blocks educators from seeing how much better their schools could be;

  • Why teacher isolation is an enemy of improvement;

  • What prevents leaders from having much influence on the quality of instruction; Discover how your school can exceed expectations, swiftly reduce achievement gaps, and enhance the lifetime learning of all your students by concentrating on what really counts:

  • The simple actions that can swiftly and substantially improve education at the state, district, and school levels;

  • The most powerful set of structures and practices for improving instruction in any school;

  • The importance of focusing instruction on strategic reading, guided writing, and argumentative literacy; "A clear but simple agenda to achieve a transformation in American schools. This book should be required reading for everyone in educational leadership and anyone concerned about the quality of teaching and learning." -Richard Allington "Mike Schmoker utilizes research, anecdotes, and real-world examples to suggest the specific, doable steps teachers, principals, and central office administrators can take to bring about dramatic gains in student achievement." -Richard DuFour "Combining compelling case studies and overwhelming national evidence, Mike Schmoker's words will startle and provoke every educator, leader, staff developer, parent, and policy maker. Each of us must take to heart Schmoker's admonitions and his encouraging vision of the future."-Douglas Reeves