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Bernie Trilling Charles Fadel
TITLE: 21 st Century skills-Learning for Life in Our Times
AUTHOR(S): Bernie Trilling Charles Fadel
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Of course, reading, math, and other core subjects are as important as ever. But when you integrate 21st century skills into your curriculum, you help students acquire life-long learning skills they’ll need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex and connected world.

Here’s a book that explains what 21st century skills are, why it’s important for your students to learn these skills, and how you can teach them. Find out how schools around the world are reshaping education practices to adapt to powerful, new ways to learn.

Explore a new framework for education based on three types of skills that students need for a globalized and digitized world. And get practical advice on how to motivate students to acquire these skills through engaging questions and problems. Using classroom examples and sample documents from real schools, the authors flesh out what teaching and learning can look like when 21st century skills are included. Plus an accompanying DVD brings the concepts from the book to life with video mini-documentaries.