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Richard Curwin
TITLE: Affirmative Classroom Management: How Do I Develop Effective Rules And Consequences In My School? (Arias Series)
AUTHOR(S): Richard Curwin
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This publication offers clear and positive strategies that empower teachers and administrators to develop effective rules and consequences. Richard Curwin’s approach emphasizes student and parent engagement; schoolwide collaboration; and developing student responsibility. Curwin shows how educators and administrators at all levels can

  • Ensure that classroom and schoolwide rules are meaningful and significant.

  • Involve students to develop effective rules and appropriate consequences.

  • Collaborate with parents and colleagues to foster a sense of community.

  • Treat students fairly by enforcing consistent rules while adapting individual consequences to fit the circumstances.

The strategies offered aim to make schools more harmonious and equitable environments, where students and teachers can move beyond discipline problems and get down to the real work of learning and teaching.