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TITLE: The Principal Influence : A Framework For Developing Leadership Capacity In Principals
AUTHOR(S): Pete Hall, Deborah Childs-Bowen, Ann Cunningham-Morris, Phyllis Pajardo, Alisa Simeral
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What can you as a principal do to ensure that you grow as a leader? How can you be sure that you are on the right path in your career as a school leader? To help you answer these questions, ASCD developed the Principal Leadership Development Framework (PLDF), which supports principals in their instructional leadership roles:

  • Principal as Visionary

  • Principal as Instructional Leader

  • Principal as Engager

  • Principal as Learner and Collaborator

In this book, learn how the PLDF can guide your ongoing growth and development as a leader:

  • Get tools and criteria of effective practice that will allow you to focus on behaviors that have the greatest direct effect on the culture and status of learning and teaching in your school.

  • Learn specific strategies that are aligned to each element of the PLDF.

  • Discover key aspects of being successful as a principal.

  • Find out what the path for growth looks like.

Protocols, forms, rubrics, checklists, and other practical tools are included.