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Jeffrey Bensen
TITLE: 10 Steps to Managing Change in Schools (Aria Series)
AUTHOR(S): Jeffrey Bensen
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Whether they’re the result of a mandate from on high, a crisis that needs addressing or simply a desire for improvement, change initiatives are a constant in most every school. In this book, veteran teacher, administrator and consultant Jeffrey Benson provides educators with a proven, practical and broadly applicable system for implementing new practices methodically and effectively. Topics include

  • identifying and communicating a clear and understandable vision of change

  • ensuring that all voices in the school are heard and respected during the change process

  • thoroughly and thoughtfully collecting, classifying and analysing data related to the change initiative

  • delegating responsibilities among staff and stakeholders.

Replete with checklists, surveys and worksheets, 10 Steps to Managing Change in Schools is a practical guide for educators determined to seamlessly weave new practices or procedures into the fabric of the school