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Joan Young
TITLE: Encouragement In The Classroom: How Do I Help Students Stay Positive And Focused? (Aria Series)
AUTHOR(S): Joan Young
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When stress from testing, problems from home, and lack of motivation affect your students' positive attitudes toward learning, you need practices to buffer against these factors' negative effects. This ASCD AriasĀ® publication comes to your rescue with classroom-tested strategies, routines, and rituals to help you create a supportive learning environment.

Drawing from positive psychology research, educator Joan Young describes
  • High-impact changes you can make to engage students and transform their school experience.
  • How to foster humor, curiosity, resilience, and gratitude in the classroom.
  • Practical tips you can use to inspire and empower students every day.
Lots of examples are included to help you create a positive classroom culture and increase student learning.