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Rhoda Koenig
TITLE: Learning For Keeps - Teaching the Strategies Essential for Creating Independent Learners
AUTHOR(S): Rhoda Koenig
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How can teachers ensure instruction is aligned with 21st century demands for self-directed, collaborative problem solvers? Practice exercises are not the answer. Instead, here's a book that explains why the key is to use explicit instruction that includes proficient models, specific feedback, and supportive coaching. Rhoda Koenig gives you insight into the knowledge and tools needed for providing students with the mental self-management essential for becoming independent, higher-level thinkers. Explore
  • Attention-grabbing, teacher-directed lessons.
  • Examples of coaching transactions that help you mediate your students' application of the strategies.
  • Teaching points that serve as a guide to reflection, assessment, and decision making.
  • A template for transformational teaching.

Filled with explanations, reflective exercises, think-alouds, strategy anatomies, and model lessons, the book gives you knowledge, teaching tools, and vision you need to embed explicit strategy instruction in your classroom curriculum.
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