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Dave Harris
TITLE: Braveheads : How to Lead Your School Without Selling Your Soul
AUTHOR(S): Dave Harris
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Why young people (and teachers) need their school leader to be brave now more than ever

School leadership brings with it tremendous pressure from the government for results at all costs. It’s the outcome that counts (and the league tables) not the process. Which means, now more than ever, for genuine leaders leading schools in the right direction for the right reasons, bravery is key. Dave Harris is well placed to write the ultimate guide to bravery in school leadership. As the principal of a high-profile brand-new Academy he has had to stand by his beliefs about the role of school and the community – ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’ – despite the pressure to forget genuinely educating young people and just focus on ‘floor targets’. A book for every head teacher who wants to make a genuine difference (and get great results as Dave has done)