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TITLE: Building Resiliency in Schools
AUTHOR(S): Jim Peters & Ian Thurlow
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Building resiliency in schools: An Introductory Handbook introduces the concept of resiliency and offers ideas on how it can be immediately applied within the organisation of a school.

This book is of value to anyone wishing to gain an understanding of resiliency and how it may be applied to the lives of individuals, classes, schools and organisations. It offers a strengths-based approach to student development and shows that resiliency-based schools give young people the ability and opportunity to redirect their energies towards achieving success. The teacher activities and the resiliency wheel, provide a framework for fostering resiliency

The notion of resiliency is based on many years of research and practice. It focuses on the processes of human development and the forces within and outside us as people that promote positive, healthy growth for both individuals and groups, as well as the organisations of which they are a part. It is about connections, hope and possibility.

Resiliency is also a concept that causes us, as educators, to stop and question what we have been doing, and whether we are effective as we could be. In short, it makes us think differently.