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Peter Hook
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Andy Voss
TITLE: Coaching & Reflecting Pocketbook
AUTHOR(S): Peter Hook,Ian McPhail,Andy Voss
Suitable For: Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
PRICE: $26.00
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Coaching and Reflecting: A welcome tool which helps people to become 'even better' and 'more consciously competent' in their roles. Coaching centres around asking challenging and thought-provoking questions, and reflecting is inextricably linked with that.
Find out how tools such as the 'miracle question' and 'scaling' enable high quality, thoughtful dialogues and how learning to build rapport, to question, listen and give feedback can develop both coach and coachee. Hook, McPhail and Vass also talk you through goal-setting and explain how to develop solution-focused coaching in your own school. There are plenty of real teachers' experiences to inspire you. Exciting and innovative! Now available in New Zealand, the outstanding Teachers' Pocketbook series which won the UK 2005-2006 Educational Resources Award. Packed with practical, punchy tips, tools, techniques and inspiring ideas for better practice in the school and classroom. Valuable reference for new and seasoned teachers and an affordable pocket-sized alternative to expensive courses or the need for in-house prepared course notes.