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Linda Kaser
Judy Halbert
TITLE: Leadership Mindsets Innovation & Learning in the Transformation of Schools
AUTHOR(S): Linda Kaser/Judy Halbert
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The evidence is clear - school leaders make a difference to the learning of the pupils they serve. And yet, not all leaders have the same degree of impact.

What are the factors that make the difference to student learning?
Why are some leaders able to raise student achievement in schools in the most challenging circumstances whilst other leaders struggle to simply maintain the status quo?

Drawing from international case study research over many years, from the experience of hundreds of school leaders serving widely diverse communities, Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser argue that there are six distinct mindsets that characterize the way successful, learning-oriented leaders operate and make sense of their professional world.

These leaders are:

  • motivated by intense moral purpose

  • knowledgeable about current models of learning

  • consistently inquiry-oriented * able to build trusting relationships

  • evidence-informed

  • able to move to wise action.

This book outlines an alternative way of thinking about school leadership. It examines research evidence that leaders will find most useful and suggests how they might use this evidence to maximise their learning and the learning of their students. Leadership Mindsets has been written specifically for aspiring to newly-appointed school leaders who are determined and motivated to create quality and equality for learners in the schools they serve, through networks of inquiry, learning and support.