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Sonia White
TITLE: Designing Defensible Classroom Programs for Gifted Secondary School Learners
AUTHOR(S): Sonia White
Suitable For: Intermediate to Upper Secondary
PRICE: $69.00
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This handbook will assist individual teachers, departments or faculty groups and school management to focus upon their planning and provisions for gifted learners. It provides opportunities to measure current practice against pedagogy for gifted, and for teachers to ask: “What are we doing right?” “What’s missing?” and “What can we do better?” Each section includes teacher reflection activities and checklists, so that reflective practice can be planned, trialled and evaluated through teacher inquiry.

Gifted Pedagogy brings added value to all classrooms and is good practice for all teachers. Not only will understanding best practice for gifted learners raise the bar for this group of learners, it will influence the way teachers facilitate learning for all students.
Gifted pedagogy is not about an elite few. There are a far greater number of gifted students than many teachers realise. These often sit within the comfort zone of the main cohort, and are underacheiving for a variety of reasons. A focus upon identifying potential as well as high achievers, and upon providing an appropriate level of challenge can result in a real increase in student achievement.