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Michelle Dickinson
David Downs
TITLE: No.8 Re-charged: 202 World-changing Innovations from New Zealand
AUTHOR(S): Michelle Dickinson/David Downs
PRICE: $45.00
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Take notice, world, New Zealand is undergoing a re-charge.The 'No. 8 wire' thinking we have been so proud of is being expanded and improved.No. 8 Re-charged tells a compelling and accessible story of modern New Zealand and its world-beating products and ideas.

From drone technology to electric farm bikes and computer graphics, from space-age umbrellas to fitness trackers and the world's leading DJ software - New Zealand developers, entrepreneurs and companies are winning in areas where no one thought we could even compete.

Chapters-1. Up in the Air - Planes, Drones and Rockets
               2. The Human Body - From Hospital Beds to Cancer Breakthroughs
               3. Social Innovation - Change, for Good
               4. It's all Fun and Games - It's about Serious Fun
               5. Of Water and the Sea - Boats, Anchors and Surfboards
               6. Machines, Large and Small - Large, loud and Globally Successful
               7. Film and Pictures - Screen Stars, Large and Small
               8. The Land of the Clouds - Aoraki and Aotearoa
               9. Down on the Farm - Robots, Designer Cows and Turtle Tracking
               10. Global Fingerprints - From New Zealand to the World