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Cliff Edmeades
TITLE: Towards a World Leading Education System
AUTHOR(S): Cliff Edmeades
PRICE: $50.00
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This Fieldbook is designed to be the starting point for deeper exploration of an issue which seems to be critical in responding to the data you have collected about your learners.

You are confronting the challenge to find out:
  • The next steps for us as leading learners: and
  • The next steps for our learners

The aim of each section is to:
  • Identify where that topics fits into the bigger picture:
  • Point you to some relevant Research: and
  • Provide some facilitation tolls to help your team understand and contextualise that aspect into your planning and delilvery.

Leading Learners are well aware of what but need help to discern where they are up to on their learning journey within the context of their school.