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John Edwards
William Martin
TITLE: Schools That Deliver
AUTHOR(S): John Edwards/William Martin
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This book focuses directly on what promotes delivery. It provides the practical tools and implementation guide for re-invigorating your school. Set against a solid blend of international research and international best practice, the narrative is carried by voices from schools that are currently delivering across six countries.

They tell it how it is, in lived reality. Every process in the book has been tested and refined under the heat of practice, addressing the current realities in education. 

The book provides a carefully selected repertoire of skills, models, and processes that:
•deliver results for children, teachers, school leaders, families and their communities.
•build trust through ensuring every voice is heard and respected.
•develop a strong culture of leadership and alignment, while recognizing and embracing the complexities of school change.
•address the frustrations currently felt by teachers in a positive, productive way.

Schools That Deliver  fills the gap between intention and delivery. The book respects your voice, and your ability to create your own ways of delivering while remaining loyal to the unique personality of your school.

When a school community delivers together what really matters for their children, they feel the true joy of education, that splendid feeling of professional satisfaction and achievement that we all deserve.