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Tanya Tremewan
TITLE: The Story with Writing.
AUTHOR(S): Marie Langley and Tanya Tremewan
Suitable For: Upper Primary to Lower Secondary
PRICE: $45.00
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The Story with Writing.
Using story-based activities to develop language.

  • Contain activities based on original short stories.

  • Provide students in Years 6-10 with opportunities to develop and practise a range of English skills.

  • Can be used for collaborative or individual class work or for homework.

  • Include answers at the back in order to provide an additional learning tool.

  • The Story with Language, Reading, Writing and Editing series offers a motivating approach to language study. Each book features short stories accompanied by activities to develop skills in a particular area: reading, writing, editing or language. By knowing how language works and how to convey meaning and ideas effectively, students will use language with greater clarity and more impact.