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TITLE: No Nonsense Number Toolkit Stages 1-8
AUTHOR(S): Suzi de Gouveia, Jackie Andrews and Jude Callaghan
Suitable For: Lower Primary
PRICE: $45.00
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No Nonsense Number Toolkit Stages 1-8. Making the teaching of addition and subtraction easier.
  • Accessible, time-saving templates to support the numeracy programme.

  • Assistance with the daily organisation of a numeracy lesson structure.

  • Versatile resources that can be made into individual sets for students where necessary.

  • A wide variety of activities that engage students while developing their number knowledge.

  • Clearly linking the number framework to relevant teaching books.

  • The No Nonsense Number Toolkits will make it easier for busy teachers to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each resource is packed with innovative and photocopiable templates for immediate classroom use. Learning outcome cards link the number framework to the relevant teaching books and provide students with a practical example of each numeracy strategy. Other templates include taskboard cards, digit cards, hundreds boards and digital number boards. Another indispensable feature of this series is its range of practical suggestions to help the numeracy programme to run smoothly.